Joining Together to Shout Out Against Intolerance and to Never Forget in NV

Bullying has always been a difficult part of growing up, and can even be continue into adulthood. This has been going on for generations and has been proven to leave lasting damage on a person. The best way to combat bullying is to stand up and speak out against it. So what are you shouting for? Are you shouting to stop prejudice, for freedom, against antisemitism, against intolerance, racism, and discrimination, for peace, or to never forget?

I Shout Out is an organization partnered with the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation started by Ben Lesser, a Holocaust survivor. His mission is to teach tolerance and acceptance while keeping the memories of the Holocaust alive to prevent something like that for ever happening again. This organization is an innovative anti-bullying campaign that strives to put an end to intolerance. While raising awareness is one of the most essential aspects of the anti-bullying campaign, organizations like theirs also come together to provide individuals with a destination to know that they are not alone.

The impact of bullying causes long-term physical and emotional damage and begins as early as the third grade. With cyberbullying on the rise, there seems to be no escape from bullying. With I Shout Out, you can find a safe place to learn how to find your voice, how to be the voice for others, and how to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Join the anti-bullying campaign and help teach tolerance and acceptance. For more information on how you can make a difference and SHOUT out against bullying, visit