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  1. About I-SHOUT-OUT

    Anti-Hate Campaign by I Shout Out Against Bullying

    There is no place for hate. Bullying and hate have existed for generations and we know now that the most effective way to combat bullying is to stand UP and speak OUT against it. I-SHOUT-OUT is an innovative, anti-hate campaign that strives to put an end to intolerance. The goal of the movement is to garner 6 million SHOUT-OUTS with people voicing what they SHOUT-OUT for like anti-bullying, tolerance and more contemporary issues.

  2. The Impact

    Did you know bullying in schools are starting as early as third grade. As technology use is so easily accessible, cyberbullying is on the rise causing long term physical and emotional damage such as depression, panic disorders and anxiety. Bullying—an aggressive harassing behavior of another individual—emanates from a power imbalance and can be compounded by ethnicity, gender, disability and many other characteristics.

  3. Speak UP and Stop Bullying

    Raising awareness is one of the most essential aspects of our anti-bullying campaign. Anti-bullying and anti-hate organizations like ours come together to provide individuals with a destination to know that they are not alone, and to uphold the fundamental values of respect that we as human beings deserve to be treated with. We do this by teaching tolerance and acceptance.

  4. Join us and SHOUT

    It’s time to start fighting back against intolerance, violence and bigotry. We encourage you to STAND-UP and SHOUT-OUT for what you know is right. With our SHOUT-OUT Campaign, we’ve made it easy to leave a message that will become a legacy against hate, discrimination, racism, bullying and more. SHOUT-OUT Now.

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