Our Purpose

We at I-SHOUT-OUT work every day to manage anti-bullying campaigns to eliminate hate and intolerance at their source: bullying. Our purpose is to make the world a more tolerant and peaceful place to live in for all people. Our anti-bullying campaign can make the powerless feel empowered; so be a part of the solution and join the millions that have become active participants of change to end the cycle of bullying. By choosing to SHOUT-OUT you help stand UP for those who cannot. SHOUT-OUT today.

The I-SHOUT-OUT campaign is dedicated to building a more peaceful and tolerant world. At it’s extreme, bullying behavior can lead to the worst types of societies and genocides that we can imagine. The Holocaust and other tragedies all stem from the same root of intolerance. That’s why WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO HALT INTOLERANCE AT ITS SOURCE.

By the

According to stopbullying.gov, bullying is unwanted, aggressive on the part of one person to another. There are four types of bullying: emotional, verbal, physical and cyber. It typically involves subtle methods of coercion such an intimidation.

Bullying hurts everyone, from the bullied to the bully themselves:


In America, every day over 160,000 students stay home from school due to bullying.


A bully is 6 times more likely to be incarcerated by the age of 24.


A bully is 5 times more likely to have a serious criminal record when he grows up.


2/3 of students who are targets become bullies themselves.

The Anti-Defamation League’s Pyramid of Hate identifies bullying is a key indicator of a harmful pattern that can also indicate future prejudice, discrimination, or even outright violence.

Today’s young people will grow up into a world where they will need to interact with more diverse backgrounds and perspectives than ever before. Learning from a young age to prioritize tolerance is the key to successfully becoming a part of the modern world and ensuring that the world does not fall into the same cycles of violence of it’s past.

Campaign Against Bullying

We, at I-SHOUT-OUT, are anti-bullying because we are anti-hate. We can not let hateful bullies or bullying keep the world from becoming a better place, so join us as we SHOUT-OUT against all forms of intolerance.

By adding your name to the “I-SHOUT-OUT” campaign you will become an active participant and advocate. One voice can be heard, but many voices together can echo beyond borders to make this world more peaceful.

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