Band Together and Make Voices Against Intolerance

Intolerance isn’t isolated to any on spot in the world, it’s everywhere. Almost everyone has experienced damage from hurtful words or actions at some point in their lives. It can come in many shapes and sizes ranging from verbal to physical abuse. Bullying is the most common phrase used today and is mostly associated with children in school. However, bullying can occur at any age to any person. The Shout Campaign was created to provide a voice to anyone against intolerance. The first step to resolving the issue is taking action.

Be a Voice for Change

Whether or not you have personally experience bullying your voice can make a difference. All people are encouraged to join the Shout Campaign to speak up about injustices that are happening around them. Share personal stories and the stories of people who matter in their lives. Shout out about anything that is wrong. Read the statements of others to be a part of a global community that is fighting for change.

Be a Part of the Solution

There is power in numbers and our Shout Campaign provides a place for all people to come together. When people around the world come together to say they will not tolerate discrimination, they can start a movement. It takes only one pebble in a pond to make ripples that spread out in ever-growing circles. What better way to unite for the common good than with a virtual platform? It’s a safe place where people are not confined by location to be instruments for change. Learn more about I Shout Out by visiting