Helping Bullies See the Negative Impact of What They Do With Anti Bullying Campaigns

It is not just kids who are bullied. Adults can be bullied too. Kids who bully others can be violent and may engage in risky behaviors that affect them when they reach adulthood. Anti-bullying campaigns are designed to help bullies identify the reasons why they bully others.

A child who bullies others has a greater chance of abusing alcohol and drugs as they become adolescents or adults. They might drop out of school, get into fights, and damage property. Anti-bullying campaigns have shown a link between teenagers who engage in delinquent behavior and bullying.

Many bullies end up having criminal convictions as adults. The abuse shown to other children in school can extend to romantic partners, spouses, and others as they become adults.

Sadly, social media has become a tool that bullies are using to terrorize their victims. The sad thing about social media is that when used inappropriately, it can allow bullies to embarrass their victims in front of thousands, if not millions, of people.

The effect that bullying has had on children is worse than in the past. Young people take their lives because of being bullied. It is up to everyone to protect victims of bullies. It is also the responsibility of everyone to help those who are doing the bullying change the way they interact with others.

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